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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is
    Its a public website that share Islamic videos, its not belonged to any organization.

  2. From where get the videos?
    All videos are imported from

  3. Are the videos copyrighted to
    No they are not, they all belonged to and there registered users.

  4. Is it legally to import videos from
    Yes if you have a license for that and we have our own license. [YouTube ID]

  5. What kind of videos do you have?
    General Islamic videos like Quran, Islamic songs, lecturer and kids videos. We do not support or publishing any videos abets the terror in any condition.

  6. What I will get if I register in
    You will get your own favorite page where you can store up to 100 videos and you will be able to suggest a video, submit your comments and rate the videos.

  7. How can I suggest a video?
    After you login you will find a [Suggest video] link, click and fill the form. click here for more clarification.

  8. Can I upload videos?
    At this period of time you can not, but maybe in future we will enable this feature.

  9. How can I download the videos?
    You can not download the videos [At this period of time] you can add your favorite videos to your favorite page.

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